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Kabelo’s (23) question: I’m bisexual man. I’m having a problem which affects my sexual life. This started happening many years ago, but now it happens more often every time after I ejaculate. I get a sharp pain inside my penis near the tip and it becomes very sensitive. This makes me need to go to the toilet for a pee even if I can’t, which helps a little to ease the pain. When I urinate it hurts a little but not much. It seems that I am only getting this pain after ejaculating and it seems to take a few seconds after before I get it. I have not been to a doctor. If someone could please tell me what else this could be? Is it some sort of STI or infection. Why does it only hurt after ejaculating and does not hurt while masturbating? Why does it not hurt to urinate unless I have ejaculated within the last 30mins or so? Is it possible that I ripped or damaged something between the urethra and the tube that comes up from the prostate or the ejaculation duct?

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