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STI / HIV Risk Calculator

  • NoYes, but I always used protectionYes, but I mostly used protectionYes, but I never used protection
  • I always use protection whether I know or don't knowYes, if I know they are positive I am extra carefulYes, if I know they are negative I relax a bitI take the same risks irrespective of whether or not I know their status
  • NoYes, but I cleaned them before using them on myselfYes, but I knew the other person was HIV negativeYes and I am not sure if the other person was HIV negative or HIV positive
  • NoI am not sureYes and it was treated successfullyYes, but it has not been treated yet
  • NoYes, but I always used protectionYes/I am not sure, but I mostly used protectionYes and I never used protection
  • NoYes, but I was the top (insertive partner)Yes, I was the bottom (receptive partner), but he did not cum inside meYes, I was the bottom (receptive partner) and he came inside me
  • NoYes, through sharing an unsterilised toothbrushYes, through sharing an unsterilised razor blade or tattoo needleYes, through fisting or whipping, or using nipple clamps in bondage activities unsafely
  • NoYes, but they were always washed between each person using themYes, but a new condom was used between each person using themYes and we did not clean them or use condoms
  • NoYes, but I managed to always use protectionYes, but I managed to sometimes use protectionYes and I was unable to use protection / I cannot remember
  • Yes, I tested HIV negative and I plan to remain negative by always using protectionNo, but I am always safeYes, I tested HIV negative but have not always been safeNo, I am not interested in having a test
  • NoYes, I consulted with my doctor and they said I am fineYes, I consulted with my doctor and they suggested I have an HIV testYes, but I have not consulted with my doctor yet