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Safer sex

In public health, considerable attention has been placed on establishing a hierarchy of risk associated with STI and HIV transmission (see table below). The hierarchy ranges from minimal risk (abstinence) to highest risk (anal intercourse with internal ejaculation without a condom). This hierarchy is useful for establishing what your risk profile so that you can make informed choices on how to have fun safely and responsibly.

Taking this hierarchy into account, safer sex can be achieved by:

  • Using condoms correctly and consistently when fucking, when giving a blow job, and when sharing sex toys;
  • Using a water-based lube (in combination with a condom or femidom) when fucking. Alternatively, use low fat plain yoghurt;
  • Using dental dams or latex sheets correctly and consistently for rimming. Alternatively, use a flavoured condom cut along the side or non-microwavable cling wrap;
  • Using finger cots correctly and consistently for finger-fucking. Alternatively, use a condom over your finger;
  • Using non-powdered latex gloves for fisting or finger-fucking;
  • Withdrawing and ejaculating outside your partner when engaging in oral sex;
  • Withdrawing and ejaculating outside your partner when fucking;
  • Avoiding an exchange in bodily fluids (e.g., semen coming into contact with an open sore).