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Harm/risk reduction

Risk reduction is a personal strategy that you can develop and follow in order to your risk profile. This is only possible once you:

  • Have gained insight into your own risk behaviour and current health status; and
  • Have a clear understanding of the available tools you could draw on to reduce your risks.

A personalized risk reduction is only effective when:

  • You are completely honest with yourself. It is only when you are completely honest with yourself that you are able to identify what you can and cannot do in terms of reducing your risk;
  • You do what is possible and realistic first. You are more likely to stick to choices and changes that are possible and realistic; and
  • You start small. Smaller changes at first are usually easier and are likely to motivate you to move on to more difficult changes later on.
  • You are clear on the steps and goals. By being absolutely clear on the steps involved in each area of change and by allotting a time frame to it, you are less likely to get side-tracked and lose momentum.

Below is a link to a pdf document, which contains a useful risk reduction template you can use to develop your own risk reduction strategy – a useful starting point to being committed to your own health and wellbeing. Remember to action what is personally achievable.

Please see our Risk Reduction Template HERE