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Meditation, Creativity and Spirituality

Meditation is not for everyone, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Meditation and relaxation techniques are valuable and can be exercised almost anywhere, anytime. If you can get into it, there is much to learn from having a quiet mind.

Yoga and transcendental meditation are only two of many places where meditation can be learned and practiced in a disciplined way. Truth is that devout prayer can be a form of meditation too. Ritualistically practiced activities like prayer, meditation, yoga, the lighting of candles, creative activities and many other activities form the basis and substance of what meditation can aim to achieve. People need rituals and we all have them, whether it’s about what we eat, how we eat, our hygiene routines prayer, our route to work or the way we greet people. There are countless rituals and these are always present.

Routine and structure help us to create predictability and consistency in our life, something that gives us space for spontaneity, humour and other important parts of living. Meditation-type activities allows us to structure a spiritual and emotional world around quiet space and a space that is truly all your own. Creative endeavours can do the same thing: ask a painter or musician how painting or playing the piano can feel like an altered state of consciousness. Dancing and other forms of bodily expression can take you away from the current world into a space that feels healing and regenerating.

It is the idea of regenerating and healing that is the link between meditation, spirituality and creativity. We all need to regenerate in a busy world and find a place to recharge batteries. We all need to find ways to express our feelings and to silence our minds. It’s part of taking care of ourselves and of our relationships too.