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Dysfunctions related to the sexual response cycle: postcoital headache


This involves the sudden onset of an excruciating headache when approaching orgasm or soon thereafter. PH is believed to be a vascular headache. Since sudden rupture of cerebral blood vessels can occur, this should be evaluated by your doctor.

The duration of the headache varies from individual to individual. Sometimes it may last for a short period while in some other cases it lasts up to one day. The pain starts from the base of the skull. It may spread uniformly throughout the head too. An important thing to note is that post coital headaches are not felt after every sex act. They seem to occur at indeterminate times.


PH is experienced by both men and women but the ratio of men suffering from it is higher than women. It is possible that since men remain more active during sex the possibility of them having headaches on account of sex is more. At the same time men are also sure to have a sexual orgasm whereas that is not always true in case of a woman.


The simple reason for this headache can be understood from the fact that during sex blood pressure increases and there is a contraction of muscles in your head. If the pain is too severe there may be some underlying factor like meningitis, internal bleeding, blood clotting, tumor, stroke or other endocrine disorder. In these cases you should consult a doctor who could confirm the condition after conducting certain tests like an MRI or CAT scan.


Although you can take an analgesic to get relief from this headache, it is recommended by experts that you seek medical assistance to get proper guidance on how to treat your PH.