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Dysfunctions related to the sexual response cycle: postcoital dysphoria


Postcoital Dysphoria (PD) occurs during the resolution phase of sexual activity when a person normally experiences a general feeling of wellbeing, muscular and psychological relaxation. Some guys experience PE at the time and become depressed, tense, anxious, irritable and agitation after an otherwise satisfactory experience. A guy suffering from PE may experience an intense desire to get away from their partner and may become verbally or physical abusive towards their partner. But this is not limited to experiences of PE, as other guys who experience normal ejaculation may also become anxious, irritable, tense, and certain cases verbally and physically abusive towards there partner after sex.


The incidence of the disorder is unknown but is more common in men than in women.


The causes of PD relate to a person’s attitude towards sex and his partner in particular. The disorder may occur in adulterous sex and in contacts with prostitutes. It may also occur in the presence of internalized homophobia. The fear of HIV can also sometimes cause PD.


Treatment requires insight-orientated psychotherapy to help clients understand their unconscious behavior and attitudes towards sex.