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…Around sex

There are a number of myths around sex between men. These include:

Sex between men is unnatural.

If sex between men is considered unnatural, then so is the expression of love, intimacy, and closeness between two consenting adults.

In sex between men, one takes on a woman’s role and the other takes on a man’s role.

This is based the heterosexual model. Sex between men usually involves three possible roles, namely active, passive and versatile. A person can decide, based on his preference, what role is more suitable.

Sex between men is usually violent.

This is not true. In some cases there may be some rough and tumble play, but this is usually playful and consensual. In most other cases, the sex between men is very intimate and affectionate. In cases outright violence, this is then called domestic violence or abuse, and should not be tolerated.

Sex between men is just about being physical.

For some sex is just about being physical and achieving sexual gratification. But for many others, sex is the expression of the intimacy and affection they feel towards one another.

All men having sex with men will die of AIDS.

This is not necessarily the case. Yes the risks of contracting HIV or an STI are high when it comes to certain sexual practices. But if you make informed choices and follow safer sex practices, there is no reason why you should not enjoy a full and healthy life.

Only bottoms are at risk of contracting HIV and STIs.

This is not true and can be a dangerous myth. It is true that bottoms are generally at a greater risk but tops too can be at risk of contracting a range of STIs, and in certain cases HIV. Know the facts (find out more STIs and HIV).