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Human sexuality

This website will assist you to better understand yourself holistically as a sexual, social being. An important starting point in this process is to develop a clear sense of what we mean when we talk about human sexuality. As human beings, we tend to put people, and their behaviour, into boxes, in an attempt to try make sense of what is going on around us (in a world that does not make sense most of the timeā€¦). The following sections provide a basic introduction to the various dimensions of human sexuality. Often, these dimensions are conflated, and mistakenly used interchangeably. These dimensions are in fact distinct, yet interrelated aspects of human sexuality. Understanding what each of these dimensions mean, and how they are interlinked, will help you to better understand yourself, as a unique sexual being.

One can never assume anything about someone’s sexual identity based on their biological sex, gender identity, gender role, sexual orientation, or sexual behaviour. We are complex creatures, and should be treated and respected as such. So, go ahead, explore, find yourself, accept yourself, and express who you truly are. You are unique.