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Solosex is also known as masturbation, jerking off, pulling wire, spanking the monkey, hand fucking etc. Many guys can’t remember when they first had a solo work-out or how they ever came up with the idea to jerk themselves off. It is a popular activity for most men. There’s always a time and place for it: in the morning before getting up, while in the shower or bath, while at school or at work, or in the evening before going to sleep. Some guys may use a porn movie, an erotic book, horny web-talk or their own imaginations or fantasies to spice things up a bit.

There are a number of myths around jerking off, namely that it’s a sin, that it will affect your eyesight or that it could make you go insane. These myths are all a load of hog wash. Most men experience a great deal of delight without any harmful side-effects.

There is no perfect or best way of having solosex. Every guy has his own technique and preferences. Jerking off on a regular basis will help you discover what is enjoyable and works for you: faster or slower motions, harder or softer grip, focusing on the shaft of your cock, the head, or both, using your whole hand or just a finger or two.

Most uncircumcised (uncut) guys have the pleasure of using their foreskins to stimulate the head of their cocks while jerking off. Circumcised (cut) (look: Anatomy of the Penis) guys may want to use some spit or lube to make jerking off a bit smoother and more pleasurable.

Some useful tips:

  • Choose a time and place when you won’t be disturbed.
  • Take your time and explore different ways of having sex with yourself, like touching your nipples, playing with your balls, varying your speed and intensity, or using different lubes, a dildo or a vibrator.
  • Watch yourself in the mirror.
  • If you tend to use the same hand, change hands some times. It may just feel as though someone else is doing it for you.
  • Delay cumming for as long as possible. This can be done by stopping completely when you feel you are about to cum and then starting again a few seconds later. Alternatively you can gently squeeze the head of your cock when you feel you are about to climax and then carry on once this feeling passes.
  • Consider including masturbation as an alternative form of sex with your sex partner, so that it becomes mutual masturbation. In this way, you and your sex partner can then jerk off in front of one another or help each other out.

Solosex is a great way to explore your sexuality, while mutual masturbation can be an exciting way to explore sex with a new partner, in a low risk manner. Solosex is also a great way to overcome premature ejaculation.