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Sex toys

Dildos, vibrators and butt plugs can be used for sexual pleasure. These sex toys should always be kept clean and should not be shared with other people unless new condoms are used each time. Lube can make a difference between penetration of any kind being sexy and slippery and totally discomfort-free, or not. Read on for a description of the most popular sex toys, available at most adult sex shops or for order over the internet.

For penile stimulation
Most men have their first orgasm with the help of their hands, and this may remain a perfectly enjoyable and comfortable way to reach orgasm. However, there’s definitely no harm in experimenting with new sensations to see if you like them. A vibrator can focus sensation on the head of the cock, while specialised sleeve-type sex toys distribute sensation all along the shaft of the cock.

Anal toys
A good anal toy can be a revelation: assuming you have some water-based lube so that inserting the toy is comfortable, it can provide stimulation to the nerve-rich anus while going in, and once in can intensify, in a very interesting way, the feeling of the whole pelvic region while performing other sexual activities. There are two broad categories of anal toys: those meant to be left in during play, and those meant to be gradually pushed in and pulled out during play.

Butt plugs have a special shape that ensures that they are not pulled into the anus by the natural suction of the anus and help them stay in place once they’re inserted. They can be left in while having other kinds of sex. Anal beads or the more durable alternative, a dildo with a series of bulbs shaped like beads, are inserted, and gradually pulled out during intercourse or masturbation, perhaps leaving a few for the moment of orgasm itself. The impact of this kind of sensation can be mind blowing.