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Sex positions

There is more to sex then just lying there like a dead fish. You and your partner need to get involved. By using your imagination and a certain degree of body suppleness, the potential list of sex positions is virtually endless. We’ll give you a few of the many options.

  • Assume your mission position. In this position he should lie on his back and raise his legs (sometimes over your shoulders) while you insert your cock in him. You can then maintain control over depth, rhythm and speed of penetration (checking his responses of course).
  • Going for a ride. For beginners it can be a good idea to sit on top of him while he lies on his back. In that way he can penetrate you, but you maintain control over the depth, rhythm and speed of penetration.
  • Give and take a few. ’69’ is a position where your bodies literally point in opposite directions. In this way you are able to suck him while he sucks you at the same time. The easiest way to do this is if one of you lies on your back, while the other one is on top, or alternatively if you lie side by side.
  • Where are your table manners? While leaning over the edge of a table you can enter him from behind. The great thing about a table means that you can stand, move around more freely, pretend you are a porn star, and avoid getting sore knees and pesky carpet burns.
  • Who let the dogs out? Conventional doggy style is fairly common and usually takes place in bed or on the carpet. As he kneels on all fours in front of you, you will grip him by the waist and penetrate him from behind. Each of you works towards maintaining a particular rhythm. This one can be very hard on the knees but great for the abs.
  • Everyone got a seat? In this instance a chair or couch will come in handy. He can sit on the couch while you sit on his lap, allowing him to penetrate you. You can take control of the rhythm or let him thrust into you, with the help of the couch springs of course. Available cushions make this method very comfortable.

To get inspiration for other positions, you could read an erotic book or magazine or watch a porn movie. Don’t get worked up if you think you don’t know many positions or are not flexible or supple enough. There are no rights or wrongs in sex, only wishes, desires, and fantasies! You can learn by playing and trying things out. What works is up to you to decide.

As is the case with all sexual activities, it is very important that you know the risks associated with each position and make the right choices for yourself (look: Safety Zone).