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Kissing (either as a peck on the cheek, a closed mouth-to-mouth smooch, or a deep, open mouth-to-mouth kiss) is often the first erotic experience in someone’s life. Almost every sexual act starts with kissing. Some say that kissing can tell you what a guy will be like in bed: if the kissing doesn’t work, neither will the rest. But whether a first kiss can tell you so much is debatable, because the more often you kiss, the sooner you will discover what works, and the more passionate it is likely to be. And the more comfortable and relaxed you feel, the more you are able to let go and enjoy the moment.

The art of kissing
In essence kissing is really simple. Tilt your head slightly to one side, ensure that your noses are not in the way, lean towards each other, press your lips against his, open your lips partially and begin teasing him with your tongue. Let your tongue explore his mouth (especially his lips and tongue). Caution: do not get too excited and ram your tongue down his throat. Feel your partner’s rhythm and match it. Be sure to monitor your spit levels so that you don’t slobber all over him! If you are feeling particularly adventurous try and vary things a bit by gently nibbling on or sucking his bottom lip. It does not matter whether you keep your eyes open or closed.

If you are not very experienced and confident, then perhaps it is best that you follow his lead at first. If he is not very experienced don’t feel afraid to ask him to follow your lead.

Use your hands. Hold his face, caress his hair, slide your hand down his back. Each move will enhance the kiss that much more. And remember that you don’t have to kiss him only on the mouth. His whole body is waiting to be explored with sensual kisses.

If you think you might have bad breath or that you will taste funny, chew some gum or a mint beforehand. Even though it is well known that kissing carries a very low risk for the transmission of HIV (look: HIV), it is still possible for you to contract Herpes and Hepatitis B (look: STI’s). It is for this reason that you should not brush your teeth before kissing someone. Rather rinse your mouth with a minty mouth wash or chew some gum.