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Body rubbing

This is a form of non-penetrative sex. It can be a sexual act on its own or could form part of fore-play. Body rubbing can include only yourself or both you and your partner. It can be done on over your clothes, or more seductively, while your clothes are coming off, one layer at a time. Body rubbing basically involves rubbing your hand (either dry or with a body lotion or oil) or another part of your body over a particular area of your or your partner’s body. This can be done at varying speeds and pressure. The neck, the ear-lobes, the lips, the nipples, the crotch, the inner thighs are particular erogenous zones (look: A-Z of M2M Sex > Erogenous Zones) to focus on. Body rubbing can be incredibly stimulating and relaxing. It is also a great way of exploring and becoming more familiar with your or your partner’s body.

The good news about body rubbing is that on its own, it carries minimal risk for transmitting HIV and most STIs, as there is little or no exchange in bodily fluids. Your risk will only increase slightly if you venture onto oral sex (look: A-Z of M2M Sex > Oral Sex) and mutual masturbation (look: A-Z of M2M Sex > Mutual Masturbation), and more considerably if you progress onto fucking (look: A-Z of M2M Sex > Anal Sex). Body rubbing may be a great recovery technique to losing an erection (look: Sexual Health > Dysfunctions > Erectile Dysfunction) or cumming too soon (look: Sexual Health > Dysfunctions > Premature Ejaculation). For similar info see frottage.