Living with HIV

Living positively with HIV means living a healthy life, filled with happiness and hope for the future. This section will:

    Guide you on what you can expect physically, emotionally, socially, occupationally and spiritually;
    Provide you with helpful tips and practical advice to help you live your best life possible.

What is the definition of a discordant couple? Discordant couples refer to guys who are in a relationship or who are…
What you can expect Learning that one has been infected with HIV can cause emotional distress for the individual, as…
What you can expect The vast majority of people living with HIV are in the prime of their working lives.…
What you can expect Being HIV positive may lead to extreme changes in your energy and physical health. You may…
What is antiretroviral therapy? Antiretroviral therapy is a course of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) that can slow down the progress of HIV…
What you can expect Individuals with HIV are often frightened of the rejection, betrayal, and discrimination that can follow the…
What you can expect HIV positive individuals often contemplate the meaning and purpose of life and death and may examine…

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Ask Dr. Dick

 Steven's (26) question: About a month ago I had sex with a guy when I was intoxicated. We didn't use any lube and I believe I received an anal fissure from it. The pain has since subsided and I can go to the bathroom with no pain or bleeding. Unfortunately, I tried using my dildo on myself after a month and a half because I thought I was fully healed. The results were some slight pain and then bleeding. My fear is that I will never be able to bottom again and that is giving me a lot of anxiety. Should I go for surgery?
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Eben's question (20): I am a 20-year-old bottom gay, and I have been experiencing very painful pains after my last sex, causing me to have a discharge. I also get constipated with a slimy discharge. I don't want to go to a health professional or facility for I’m not comfortable having these kinds of conversations. I'm also situated in a very small environment with few gay rights facilities.
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Have you ever cheated on your current or previous partner?

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