How to be safer

Being safe does not simply involve the occasional use of condoms. It is so much broader and encompasses a range of risk reduction strategies you could use to ensure your physical well-being on multiple levels. Being safe means being aware of the risks and taking active responsibility to ensure that you remain healthy. This zone is for you!

Condoms Condoms are available in a wide variety of colours, flavours, styles and sizes. Most condoms are made of latex…
A dental dam is a rectangular latex sheet that can be used for rimming (annilingus). It can be used to…
A finger cot is a latex device resembling a condom, but designed specifically to fit over the finger. This is…
Risk reduction is a personal strategy that you can develop and follow in order to your risk profile. This is…
Personal hygiene is described as the principle of ensuring and maintaining cleanliness and care of the external body. The benefits…
In public health, considerable attention has been placed on establishing a hierarchy of risk associated with STI and HIV transmission…
HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Going for an HIV test can be intimidating and very scary. This is completely…
While focusing on HIV, other STIs are often overlooked. And this can have serious health consequences for you if left…

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Ask Dr. Dick

 Steven's (26) question: About a month ago I had sex with a guy when I was intoxicated. We didn't use any lube and I believe I received an anal fissure from it. The pain has since subsided and I can go to the bathroom with no pain or bleeding. Unfortunately, I tried using my dildo on myself after a month and a half because I thought I was fully healed. The results were some slight pain and then bleeding. My fear is that I will never be able to bottom again and that is giving me a lot of anxiety. Should I go for surgery?
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Eben's question (20): I am a 20-year-old bottom gay, and I have been experiencing very painful pains after my last sex, causing me to have a discharge. I also get constipated with a slimy discharge. I don't want to go to a health professional or facility for I’m not comfortable having these kinds of conversations. I'm also situated in a very small environment with few gay rights facilities.
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Have you ever cheated on your current or previous partner?

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