botty bumping

Booty-bumping is when you take crystal or ketamine through the anus. It is seen by users as preferable to smoking and snorting because it gives a stronger high. Also, your nose won’t block and you won’t damage your lungs.

Booty bumping is generally safer than injecting because there is no exchange of blood, but there are still risks associated with tissue damage to the anus and HIV.

Advice to help you booty-bump as safely as possible

• Use a 1ml insulin syringe with a removable needle. They are the best because they are long and thin. Don’t use the 1ml with a non- removable needle; it can cause major damage to the anus. If you cannot get a 1ml syringe then get a 5ml syringe (they don’t have needles); it’s thicker but is long enough.

• You might need to heat the drugs to dissolve them. Use sterile water. If you don’t have any, use boiled water that has cooled down. Try to never use bottled water as it often contains a lot of bacteria. Use a clean “cooker”.

• Make sure you “cook” your solution correctly. Drugs such as methamphetamine, if not properly dissolved, have small crystals that can harm the rectum, or the “top’s” penis, or tear the condom. To reduce risk, wait for 10min (preferably 20) after injecting to penetrate your partner/s.

• To make the syringe go in easier, rub it with Vaseline or lube. Also use Vaseline/lube on the outer circle of the anus.

• Slowly insert the syringe to around 1 cm past the sphincter. Inject the solution slowly and then clench and remove the syringe. Try not to be in a position that makes it more difficult for the body to absorb the drug, such as standing up.

• It will probably burn. This is normal and passes quickly.

• Dispose of everything safely.

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