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“You do not find love. It finds you.” – Suzy Kassem

February is the month of romance. Here are some tips from OUT's TEN81 Centre on how to open yourself up to love:

• Be who you are. Don’t try to change to satisfy others

• Be the best version of yourself. Then you will attract the same

• Be confident. It is attractive to others

• Be open and honest

• Be happy within yourself. Someone else can’t make you happy

• To find true love, be true love. Get rid of anger, hatred and resentments

• There is no such thing as the perfect partner

If you need advice or support:

- Ask Dr Dick your questions here

- Get FREE face-to-face counselling at the TEN81 Centre Pretoria (Book now on 012 430 3272)

- or get FREE telephonic counselling nationwide (0860 688 688)