Alcohol and Drug Intake

Effect of alcohol and drugs on sexual health

  • Alcohol and drugs lowers your inhibitions and interferes with your decision making, often resulting in unprotected sex.
  • Alcohol and drugs interfere with your ability to enter into a safer sex negotiation.
  • Alcohol and drugs usually result in poor sexual performance but can have the opposite effect – change in sexual performance.
  • Alcohol and drugs generally create serious relationship problems;
  • Alcohol and drugs can have serious financial implications;
  • Alcohol and drugs generally reduce immune system functionality, which increases your vulnerability.

Strategies and tips to reduce harm

Reduce frequency of drugs and alcohol use.

  • Stop taking drugs and alcohol when having sex.
  • Avoid friends and places where you might be tempted to use excessive drugs and alcohol.
  • Ensure safer sex negotiations.
  • If you are injecting, use clean water and don't share equipment.
  • Regular health check-ups and HIV Testing, at least every 6 months.
  • Be faithful to one partner or reduce partner turn-over.
  • Always carry condoms and lube with you (e.g., Play safe pack).
  • Avoid places where you might be tempted to have high risk sex e.g. dark rooms.


Strategies: condoms, lube, dental dams, gloves, testing, self-exploration, knowledge, communication about sexual histories, safer sex negotiation (Go to SAFETY ZONE section of this website for more information on this).

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