Gay men are exposed to a range of myths and stereotypes about their sexual identity, sexuality, sexual practices, and their general health and well-being. Myths and stereotypes only serve to sort people according to boxes and labels, and fuel wide-spread ignorance and prejudice, even among gay men themselves. This section will hopefully dispel some of those myths.

There are many HIV/AIDS myths. These myths contribute to stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. HIV is a death sentence. This is the…
There are a number of myths around sex and safety. These include: Drinking and drugs are fun and don't pose…
There are a number of myths around sex between men. These include: Sex between men is unnatural. If sex between…
Losing weight will make your penis bigger. If you lose weight all over your body, there's a pad of fat…
I have to be crazy to see a therapist. Although psychotherapy first started with 'crazy people', it has become a…

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Ask Dr. Dick

 Steven's (26) question: About a month ago I had sex with a guy when I was intoxicated. We didn't use any lube and I believe I received an anal fissure from it. The pain has since subsided and I can go to the bathroom with no pain or bleeding. Unfortunately, I tried using my dildo on myself after a month and a half because I thought I was fully healed. The results were some slight pain and then bleeding. My fear is that I will never be able to bottom again and that is giving me a lot of anxiety. Should I go for surgery?
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Eben's question (20): I am a 20-year-old bottom gay, and I have been experiencing very painful pains after my last sex, causing me to have a discharge. I also get constipated with a slimy discharge. I don't want to go to a health professional or facility for I’m not comfortable having these kinds of conversations. I'm also situated in a very small environment with few gay rights facilities.
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